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Lives in Music

Oct 25, 2019

Mike Hatton, like many musicians, plays in more than one band - he can be found delivering smooth Jazz grooves, or a solid bedrock for powerhouse blues. On top of this he crafts very considered and delicate works for solo bass. And he's being doing this for generations.

The many types of music and musicians that Mike references in this chat are gathered together in a dedicated Show Notes post on the Radio To Go blog, here.

Mike plays on several excerpts from his new album, Bassic Salvation on this podcast, and he's also on the theme music you hear in Series 1 of Lives in Music: Boksburg Jive Toon, in his band Big Q Fish

The Lives in Music series celebrates people who have spent a lifetime in music. They may be famous; they may be people who have spent their lives working in the background for the love of it. They all have stories.

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