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Lives in Music

Jun 6, 2022

Three weeks from now, give or take, Moseley Park will jump to the Mostly Jazz Funk and Soul Festival - a three-day event that will bring you exactly that: Jazz, Funk, and Soul.  Some stellar acts are booked, and a whole host of up-and-coming and established local acts as well. I have listed some of the main names at the bottom of this post, but for full details, head over to the MoJazz website, which is pretty comprehensive.

There's an awful lot that goes into organising an event like this, and I sat down with Festival Manager John Fell, to talk about some of the challenges. It's fascinating stuff, and the stories that have emerged over the past two very difficult years are compelling: acts that refused to use the stage entrance... acts that came back the next day because they enjoyed themselves so much.... embracing the local dance scene, and much more.  

There's more to read about on the companion blog page, and here are just a few links to follow.